End the tornament (+ ads)

Once all matches are finished, the tournament will remain in progress until you use the !end command.

This command will purge messages from your configured channels (queue, scores, register, checkin), properly end the tournament on Challonge, send an announcement and remove the roles from participants.

So how did your tournament go?

Hope everything went well and you didn’t have any issues!

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100% of the functions of this bot are completely free and without restrictions! However, I have a Patreon, if you are happy with what I do and you want to contribute to the development of this bot, your help is welcome!

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There is also a third tier for $10 if you want me to host your own instance of the bot, with audio, tournaments, and all the cogs you need! Keep in mind that the only service I offer here is hosting, you can always easily install and host the bot yourself, more details here.

You can also help me for free by leaving a star on my Github repo (kind of a like): Star