organisation management

Organisation and management

Powerful tools available for managing a whole tournament easily, tested with up to 128 players

discord integration

Discord integration

No one needs to create a Challonge tournament, everything is linked between the bracket and your server!


Great automatisation

The bot automates almost everything for the organizers, the only thing left to do is to monitor!

Automatic channels

Automatic channels

Private channels are created automatically for each match, bringing both players together who can discuss peacefully.
They have tools available for their game, like displaying rules, stages, or even calling an organiser

The organisers, on the other hand, have an overview of all the channels and can easily intervene in a match without disturbing the rest!

Integrated registrations and check-in

Integrated registrations and check-in

The bot includes a registrations and check-in system. After an easy setup, members will just have to type !in to participate!

The available options adapt to small tournaments as well as major tournaments, built to work with large influxes of members quickly!

100% free

You’re free to invite the bot, and even install and host it, no command will be blocked, no message will insist over a Patreon!

powered by Red

Powered by Red-DiscordBot

A.T.O.S. is an instance of Red-DiscordBot, a self-hosted open-source bot.
The functions around tournaments are just a module, part of my collection of modules, Laggron’s Dumb Cogs.

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