What is Red bot?

Red is an open-source self-hostable bot, which means there is no bot you can invite, you have to install the program, create a bot account on Discord, then you just have to enter the informations to have your own working bot in an instant!

It is entirely customizable, not only can you change the name, profile picture, or even the status of your bot, but it is fully modular!

By installing Red, you have about 20 available modules that you can load or not, as you wish. Therefore you can decide to enable audio and moderation tools, while keeping what you don’t need unloaded.

Community modules

In addition to the core modules, there is a great community making additional modules, easily installable, in order to extend even more your bot’s capabilities as you need!

There are more than 300 approved modules, offering all the functions you can even need: levels, automod, games, announcements, administration tools…

And what about the tournaments?

All the functions and commands related to tournaments are nothing but a single module for this bot! This module named “Tournaments” (amazing right?) is part of my collection, or repository, of installable modules for Red: Laggron’s Dumb Cogs!

Why use Red instead of a dedicated bot?

Even if I have the skills for making my own bot, we see nowadays ton of bots where 90% of the features are the same everywhere (moderation, audio, commands…), with 10% of unique features that people wants, so now we find ton of different bots added to servers for a single feature.

That’s why I prefer coding wuth Red, because us, developers, don’t have to redo the same base everytime. We only focus on one thing: the commands we want to code, those 10% of unique features, then we let users install that part independently from the rest if they want to.

So, can I host the bot myself?

It was designed for it, before even thinking about other servers!

You just have to follow the install instructions for Red on your OS:

Install Red

Once this is installed, take your time to discover how it works. Read the introduction guide to Red which I wrote btw and explore the available modules.

Then, you just have to install my repo:

Install Tournaments on Red

[p] is considered as your prefix.

  1. Make sure Downloader is loaded:

    [p]load downloader

  2. Add my repository, Laggron’s Dumb Cogs:

    [p]repo add Laggrons-Dumb-Cogs https://github.com/retke/Laggrons-Dumb-Cogs

    Don’t forget to confirm the notice by saying “I agree”.

  3. Install Tournaments:

    [p]cog install Laggrons-Dumb-Cogs tournaments

  4. Load the cog!

    [p]load tournaments

There we go, Tournaments is now ready to use, no other configuration is needed!

You can go on laggron.red for the detailed documentation (english only) of my cogs and their usage.