Automated actions (background task)

There is a very important background task in the smooth running of your tournament. It launches as soon as your tournament starts, and runs every 15 seconds until the end to perform the following tasks:

  • Pick up participants from Challonge
  • Retrieving matches from Challonge
  • Launch of new matches
  • Launch of streams
  • Timeout verification (AFK, inactive channel)
  • Backing up data to disk

Stopping this task results in your tournament being paused, since none of the above actions will be performed (the commands remain functional, depending on the context).

It can be stopped manually with !tfix pausetask, or simply when too many bugs occur. In the latter case, T.O.s are directly notified of the problem in their channel.

You can try to resume it with !tfix resumetask (it will only really resume if there are no bugs), or you can run it only once with !tfix runtaskonce.

You can also check if the task is active with the !tinfo command.

Participants refresh

The bot will base itself on the list of participants provided by Challonge. If you added people manually, they will be retrieved at this time.


If a member provided by the bracket cannot be found, he will be disqualified. So make sure that nobody changes their Discord name in the meantime (the nickname remains safe).

You can disqualify or re-qualify members directly via the list of participants of the Challonge tournament, the bot will follow these changes.


To properly requalify a member, also check their matches in the bracket, it may be necessary to relaunch some of them.

Launching matches

The bot will constantly launch new matches as they come.

A channel will be created for them, with read permissions for T.O.s and streamers. If it is not possible to create a channel for some reason, they will be notified in DM of their match.

If you have configured a set announcement channel with !tset channels queue, this match will also be announced there.

They therefore have a channel to discuss about their match. The bot gives them information, such as the ruleset or some available commands. In addition, if you have configured a ban mode, the bot will choose a participant to start.

AFK check

The bot will check the presence of players in their channel. If a player does not speak within the first 10 minutes, the player is considered AFK and disqualified. Once a player has spoken once in their channel, they are considered present and will no longer be verified.

You can customize this delay with !tset delay, or even deactivate it by setting a delay of 0.


You can requalify members disqualified by mistake via Challonge. Remember to restart the matches as well.

Time check

If a match takes too long, players are warned, then the T.O.s are.

You can customize these delays or even turn off warnings with !tset warntime, with settings specific to BO3 or BO5.

There is a first simple warning sent to the players, then a second one sent to the T.O.s.


To send a first warning after 30 minutes, then a 2nd to T.O.s 10 minutes later (so 40 minutes in total) for matches in BO3, do this :

  • !tset warntime 30 10 bo3

By default, there is a warning after 25 minutes for BO3 matches, 30 minutes for BO5 matches, then the 2nd T.O.s warning 10 minutes later. Check this with !tset settings.

You can also display the list of matches sorted by duration with !lsmatches.


If a stream has been configured in advance for this set, it will be put on hold until it is its turn in the stream queue. AFK and time checks are then disabled for the duration of this match, unless the streamer leaves the tournament.