Tournament setup

If you’ve installed this bot, it is probably for its advanced tournament management. I will explain the different steps to get you started.

Challonge identifiers

First, configure your Challonge credentials. You must know your username as well as your API key, obtainable here.

Type the command: !challongeset username <your nickname>, then !challongeset api (don’t paste your key directly, the bot will ask you for it in DM).


You must keep your API key secret! It gives access to your account and must be protected like your password.

Globals configurations

After, the command !tset (or !tournamentset) allows you to configure all settings.


Most settings are optionals, unless specified. It’s up to you to see what you consider useful or not among what the bot offers.

Channel settings

Configure the different channels of your server with !tset channels.

Command Description
!tset channels to The private T.O.s channel, where the bot will announce any problems or requests for the tournament.

Unlike the other channels which are optionals, you must set the T.O. channel

Announcement channels

Command Description
!tset channels announcements Channel announcements for the start of registrations, check-in, start and end of the tournament.
!tset channels queue The bot will announce the sets launched
!tset channels stream The sets going on stream will be announced there.
!tset channels ruleset The rules channel for your tournament.

Command channels

Commande Description
!tset channels register Registrations will take place there (people will use !in or!out).
!tset channels checkin Check-in will take place there (people will use !in).
!tset channels scores The channel to set the score of his set with the command !win.

If you configure one of these channels, the commands described can only be used in that channel.

The bot will unlock the channel and send a message there at the appropriate time to explain how to use the commands. It will then be automatically closed when necessary (eg: end of registrations).

Roles configurations

Then, configure the different roles. You must give the full name of the role with the command, or its ID.

Command Description
!tset roles participant The role assigned to participants during registration. This role setting is required.
!tset roles player This role will be mentioned when registration opens and will have permission to send messages to the registration channel.
!tset roles streamer The role that gives access to streamer commands.
!tset roles tester The role to be mentioned when requesting a lag test (with ! Lag).
!tset roles to The role of your T.O.s, giving access to related commands (except !tset).

You don’t need to configure a T.O. role if you have previously configured admin or mod roles with the !set addadminrole / addmodrole commands, which is recommended.

Only use this setting if your T.O.s are not already moderators.

You can also configure a player role (limiting registrations to this role, while mentioning it for the opening of registrations).

Registration, check-in and seeding settings


The registration and check-in configuration and process are detailed in the section Registration and check-in configuration. For seeding, see the Seeding with Braacket and upload section.

Command Description
!tset register Set the automatic opening and closing hours for registrations. You can still start/close them manually.
!tset checkin Set the automatic opening and closing hours of check-in. You can still start/close it manually.
!tset autostopregister Define whether the bot should automatically stop registrations when the tournament is full.
!tset twostageregister Allows the setup of two-stage registrations, by giving a second opening hour for registrations. This allows for example last minute registrations to fill the last slots.
!tset ranking Configure your ranking information on for automated seeding.

Delays settings

Command Description
!tset delay Define the time before a player is considered AFK, and disqualified. 10 minutes by default.
!tset warntime Define the time before warning players and TOs of the duration of their match (by default, 25 minutes before warning players, then 35 min before warning TOs for BO3, +5 min for BO5 )

Set a duration

You must respect a special format when you specify a duration for a command, whether it’s for the above commands or for the registration setup.

The format must be a number followed by its unit in English. Examples:

  • 45s = 45 seconds
  • 10m = 10 minutes
  • 2h = 2 hours
  • 1d = 1 day
  • 2d12h30m10s = 2 days, 12 hours, 30 minutes and 10 seconds

!tset delay 15m = 15 minutes delay before DQ.

Various settings

Command Description
!tset startbo5 Define when sets change from BO3 to BO5 (use ! Help tset startbo5 for details).
!tset stages Set the list of stages, accessible with !stages.
!tset counters Set the list of counterpicks, accessible with !counters.
!tset baninfo Define the ban mode (ex: 3-4-1). By setting this info, the bot will randomly choose a player at the start of each match to designate the first to ban.

For a summary, use !tset settings and verify that all settings are correct.

Once everything is good, we can set up our first tournament!