If you have the permission “Manage the server”, you can invite A.T.O.S. on your server with the following link :

Invite A.T.O.S.

The default prefix is !. It mean that all the commands start with this character.

For example, try !ping and see if the bot respond. If it don’t, check the permission.

You can also ping (ex: @ATOS ping).

Essential settings


The bot is set to french by default! Type !set locale en-US to change that to english.

Change the prefix

If you want to change the prefix, use the command !set serverprefix <vos préfixes>. You can put multiples prefix.


  • !set serverprefix ?
  • !set serverprefix $ atos.

Define your mod and admin roles

The permissions of the commands are based on these two roles.

Choose one or more roles considered moderators or administrators, or use the commands like that :

  • !set addadminrole <nom du role>
  • !set addmodrole <nom du role>


A.T.O.S. possesses a lot of commands, split in multiples category, named cogs.

  • Type !help and the bot will show the list of commands that you have access. That mean that the bot won’t show the same list if it’s a member that type the command or an administrator.

  • Type !help <Category> to show commands of a category (watch for caps). For example !help Tournaments for commands linked to tournaments.

  • Type !help <command> to show a more detailed version of a command.

There are “subcommands”, that is to say a command behind another. For example, the command !set serverprefix is a subcommands of !set.

Type !help set to see the list of “subcommands”, and !help set serverprefix to see detailed description of the subcommand.


As said precedently, these categories are also named “cogs”, you can see that in a module.

In the Red bot environment, a module contains commands that are isoled from other module. You can activate and desactivate these modules as you want.

A lot of modules are available, and I’ll try to describe their usage here!